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Some notes on the Whare Ra vault

Whare Ra was the name of the home of the New Zealand branch of the Order of the Stella Matutina, whose existance in New Zealand was an offshoot of the Golden Dawn brought to New Zealand by Richard and Harriet Felkin … Continue reading

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International News

To give a broader context as to the landscape of the esoteric in the mind of what may be considered your typical pre-WW2 New Zealander we will sometimes look at events that happened (or more accurately were reported to happen) in far … Continue reading

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VENUS SPEAKS. Evening Post, Volume XC, Issue 69, 18 September 1915, Page 11 With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand.——-10–1—-0pray+to+venus–

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A British reaction to fascism

Though clearly not originating from a New Zealand reporter this opinion piece is interesting both in its brief but vivid use of Classical  Personification (pushing the concept of metaphor in to territory bordering sincerity) and its examination of the British view of the character of their society and … Continue reading

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Two Poems

From a marvelous article published in the Otago Witness in 1905 and brimming with tales of Mountaineering and the Supernatural (Two topics that come together more often than might be expected) and covering such topics as magic weapons, worship of the head, and … Continue reading

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