Two Poems

From a marvelous article published in the Otago Witness in 1905 and brimming with tales of Mountaineering and the Supernatural (Two topics that come together more often than might be expected) and covering such topics as magic weapons, worship of the head, and tales of a cult of fire, it is all filled with a dark romance, though questions of accuracy to maori sources will always linger in such populist accounts they are recorded here for their interest as an expression of human desire to recognize the beauty of forces that shape their lives.

The two poems in this post represent products of Maori and Pakeha culture and are notable for their uncompromising effect when rendered in english.

Through Te Heuheu’s Territory. TALES OF TO-DAY AND YESTERDAY.

Otago Witness , Issue 2701, 20 December 1905, Page 1

the heuheu's territory 1

the heuheu's territory 2 the heuheu's territory 3 the heuheu's territory 4

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand.——-10–1—-2heuheu%27s+territory–

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