Art Deco Covers

Some fantastic monumental  Deco images from Tui’s Annual, a periodical aimed at Farmers. Though the quality was highly variable it deserves recognition for its use of entirely New Zealand produced content. these covers especially standout for their bold composition and unapologetic optimism.  They exude a real feeling of national progress and a pride tied specifically to achievements here.

img-407232456-0001 img-407232456-0003img-407232456-0002 img-407232456-0004img-407232456-0005

Unfortunately 1932 was the last Painted cover and by 1936 it had completed it’s transition from something taking its essence from the experiences of its audience to a mouthpiece for a new kind of idealism that would eventually claim monopoly over the world.

better living through consumerism.


Next week:

Pagan stirrings and New Zealand Gothic : weird excerpts from Tui’s Annual

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