Maraea Tu Te Maota: Maori Seeress

or more accurately Matakite. Maraea is an interesting figure who appears briefly in Tūhoe accounts of the 1865 battle of Te Tapiri. especially notable as the Medium for an Atua that originated from herself (to state a complicated situation clumsily).

From Mana from Heaven: A Century of Maori Prophets in New Zealand by Bronwyn Elsmore

seeress 1

Though her reading of the idea of divine protection as being something indirectly originating from the old testament seems to be more of an effort to tie this incident into the books framework of Maori responses to Christianity rather than a conclusion that has been come to by necessity.

more contemporary to the event are the interviews Elsdon Best reported as Sketches from Tuhoeland. the pertinent parts of which are repeated here.


Otago Witness , Issue 2305, 5 May 1898, Page 49

seeress 2 seeress 3

seeress 4

seeress 5

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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