A Madmans Verse

Page 14

Observer, Volume 7, Issue 337, 23 May 1885, Page 14



TO18850523.2.66-a3-247w-c32-2447-439-494-42 TO18850523.2.66-a4-513w-c32-2193-489-1026-3851 TO18850523.2.67-a1-127w-c32-2577-4344-253-34

TO18850523.2.67-a2-498w-c32-2204-4423-996-48 TO18850523.2.67-a3-509w-c32-2196-4478-1017-2262 TO18850523.2.67-a5-506w-c32-3248-275-1011-818


With thanks to the national library of New Zealand


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