Hermeticism in the Auckland Star


Auckland Star, Volume LIV, Issue 239, 6 October 1923, Page 28

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Biography of John Liddell Kelly

Born near Airdrie, Scotland, 19th February, 1850. John Liddell Kelly left school at the age of eleven and was self-educated afterwards. He married in 1870 and emigrated to New Zeland in 1880.

He worked as a Sub-editor for the Auckland Star and as editor for the Auckland Observer. Mr Kelly also has served as assistant editor for the Lyttelton Times and editor of the New Zealand Times.

“The Alpha” appears to be “The alpha, or First principle of the human mind; as revealed to Ramus Randolph in a reverie, and verified to his satisfaction in a dream: being a philosophical inquiry into the constitution of human happiness and the nature of truth (1855)

*with thanks to the national library of New Zealand


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