Elemental Offering

From “The Forerunner”, the magazine of the Havelock Work issue 18 (1914)

img-721230007-0001 img-721230007-0002 img-721230007-0003

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2 Responses to Elemental Offering

  1. nibor says:

    Some interesting items. The link to the Havelock Work especially. There appears to have been what mainstream NZ would now regard as strange/weird societies operating all over the country. It would be interesting to know how many still exist, although I would imagine their adherents would be much fewer in number. Would you regard the hippie and religious communes that flowed out of the 60s as decedents of those older societies or springing from a different well.

    • esotericnz says:

      alot of new age stuff i would say derives from theosophy while the golden dawn descends from SRIA Theosophy has Rosicrucian influences (as it is essentially a synthesis of many metaphysical systems), Crowley (who had some admiration for theosophy) started in the golden dawn, and golden dawn ritual structures were the basis for most neo pagan magic systems until the 80s, all of these systems were structured around the quaballah. i’d say this had more of an indirect influence through musicians.

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