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Hauhau Battle Flags

The Pai Mārire movement (known as Hauhau to Pakeha at the time) was a Maori religious movement that arose in the 1860’s and is of primary interest to this blog due to its syncretic nature that included in its mixture elements of pre christian Maori beliefs and … Continue reading

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Dunedin from the bay

by the author of the national anthem Thomas Bracken DUNEDIN FROM THE BAY. North Otago Times, Volume XV, Issue 554, 9 September 1870, Page 4 with thanks to the National library of New Zealand——-10–1—-0–

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Some Maori mystic symbolism

some Post-European examples of both the evolution of traditional/magical Maori symbolism as well as the adaptation of symbols of European origin to New Zealand. from Alan Taylor‘s wonderful “Maori folk art”

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a dream journey

from an early issue of the the Forerunner, the magazine of the havelock work , 1909

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