Maori decorative art 1925


Born in Scotland, Robert Donn came to New Zealand in 1921. He was a landscape watercolourist, as well as an art instructor at Dunedin Technical College and Auckland Teachers College

in 1925 he composed this talk on Maori art as decorative art, it serves as a useful companion to last weeks article on Maori art deco. the full text of the talk is reproduced here along with some of the illustrations, the full collection is available in the hocken archives .

img-909210036-0001 img-909210036-0002 img-909210036-0003 img-909210036-0004 img-909210036-0005 img-909210036-0006 img-909210036-0007 img-909210036-0008 img-909210036-0009 img-909210036-0010 img-909210036-0011 img-909210036-0012 img-909210036-0013 img-909210036-0014 img-909210036-0015

img-909225429-0002 img-909225429-0003 img-909225429-0004 img-909225429-0005 img-909225429-0006 img-909225429-0007 img-909225429-0008 img-909225429-0009 img-909225429-0010 img-909225429-0011 img-909225429-0012 img-909225429-0013 img-909225429-0014 img-909225429-0015 img-909225429-0016 img-909225429-0017 img-909225429-0018 img-909225429-0019

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