The Dawn: the Order of the Star in the East in New Zealand

The Dawn, January 1918. The Order of the Star in the East NZ news letter. A movement that arose within Theosophy (A movement that has at various times  had a significant following in New Zealand including Prime Minister Sir Harry Atkinson and Edmund Hillary) to prepare the way for the coming of the “Word Teacher“. 

It’s wild eyed enthusiasm is worthy of note by way of something to exploit in creative endeavour

“Theosophy, as far as I can gather, is a version of esoteric Yoga prepared for western consumption, so I dare say its legendry must have some sort of basis in Oriental records. One can disregard the theosophy, and make good use of the stuff about elder continents, etc. I got my own ideas about Hyperborea, Poseidonis, etc. from such sources, and turned my imagination loose.” – Clark Ashton Smith

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