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3 arts and crafts articles from the forerunner

from the forerunner the magazine of the havelock work    

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the Arts and Crafts movement and Occult social reform

We have from the Forerunner,  the magazine of the Havelock Work , post 1913 – after there transition into a magical order, a summation of the aims of the work especially through promotion of the values of the Arts and Crafts movement

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Joseph Taylor, Psycho-Radio-Cosmic, and the Militaristic Influence of Mars

Joseph Taylor was a Nelson businessman turned astrologist, who fancied himself the Clement Wragge of natural disasters. His specialty being the prediction of earthquakes buy the movement of the planets. unfortunately he lacked both Wragges scientific rigor and his accuracy, though the parallels of their interests and activities (including interest in the … Continue reading

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Rough on Rats

Rough on Rats was a poison composed of arsenic, with a little coal added for colouring, was used to kill vermin. Advertisements for its sale began appearing in the 1880s and it became a household name. It was easily obtainable … Continue reading

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