Sweedish Dragon Slaying Cult

In a return to obscure international news? culled from New Zealand papers, we present an account of a series of Swedish dragon slayings commented on by New Zealand Author Oswald E. Hugo. It may prove fruitful to compare this story with Carlo Ginzburg’s Night Battles and Jung’s theories on the UFO phenomenon .


Otago Witness , Issue 1970, 7 November 1889, Page 34

OW18891107.2.129-a1-366w-c32-2206-1020-732-66 OW18891107.2.129-a2-483w-c32-2089-1149-965-2721 OW18891107.2.129-a3-482w-c32-2096-3870-963-4122 OW18891107.2.129-a4-471w-c32-3085-305-941-292



With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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