The Waihola Ghost

The Waihola Ghost

Bruce Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 2983, 5 August 1898, Page 5

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We can find no evidence of the existence of Mr. Zubwobski… though a Waihola cricketer of a century ago isn’t necessarily going to leave a large footprint online. the name Zubwobski (and for that matter Wiswiggleski) does not appear to be an actual sirname. though this doesn’t rule out the possibility of pseudonyms or misspellings.  never the less it’s an interesting look at the kind of ideas about ghosts that held currency in New Zealand at the turn of the 20th century. The article it’s self appears to be an early work of  G.H Scholefield  , who would later become a prolific writer on New Zealand history. The Waihola Ghost would make one further print appearance.

Waihola Notes.

Bruce Herald, Volume XXX, Issue 3026, 10 January 1899, Page 5


With thanks to the National  Library of New Zealand

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  1. nibor says:

    nice one-very funny

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