Asylum Organisation and the Psychology of Abuse

From the reliably sensationalist and strident NZ Truth, whether or not this is an accurate portrayal of the reality of the situation under the “cottage system” and whether the large institutions actually were significantly better (an even more doubtful proposition) the piece is definitely evocative and the dynamic it establishes is ripe for drama

Help For Girl Defectives

NZ Truth , Issue 968, 14 June 1924, Page 5

NZTR19240614.2.21-a1-700w-c32-212-248-1470-171 NZTR19240614.2.21-a2-494w-c32-445-481-988-130 NZTR19240614.2.21-a3-700w-c32-51-700-1601-100 NZTR19240614.2.21-a4-585w-c32-340-880-1170-45 NZTR19240614.2.21-a5-700w-c32-188-935-1459-322NZTR19240614.2.21-a6-435w-c32-75-1286-870-7603NZTR19240614.2.21-a7-431w-c32-957-1292-862-3248NZTR19240614.2.21-a9-431w-c32-957-6631-862-2266NZTR19240614.2.21-a10-431w-c32-1829-248-861-3407——-100–101—-0insane+goddess– 

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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