Synaesthesia and Hypnotism in the Great War

The following article doesn’t appear to have originated in New Zealand (appearing a few months earlier in The Register (Adelaide, SA)) but aside from this and it’s publication in the Wanganui Chronicle any evidence of it’s existence seems to fallen off the face of the earth and we feel it would be a crime to let so lively a description of what at the time were pioneering fields of human enquiry to not be brought to wider attention


Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LX, Issue 16986, 14 May 1917, Page 3

WC19170514.2.14-a1-264w-c32-3015-379-527-50 WC19170514.2.14-a2-439w-c32-2850-499-878-2245 WC19170514.2.14-a3-442w-c32-2862-2834-883-959 WC19170514.2.14-a4-436w-c32-2880-3804-872-505 WC19170514.2.14-a5-428w-c32-2891-4311-855-177WC19170514.2.14-a6-443w-c32-2894-4497-885-1554 WC19170514.2.14-a7-430w-c32-2908-6116-859-429 WC19170514.2.14-a8-429w-c32-2910-6549-858-455 WC19170514.2.14-a9-431w-c32-2908-7004-861-174 WC19170514.2.14-a10-430w-c32-2910-7188-859-174WC19170514.2.14-a11-431w-c32-2910-7373-861-411 WC19170514.2.14-a12-433w-c32-2910-7787-866-998——-10–1—-0possed+ghost–

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand


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