Apologia for Lionel Terry From the New Zealand Herald

Edward Lionel Terry (1873-20 August 1952) was a New Zealand white supremacist and murderer, incarcerated in psychiatric institutions after murdering a Chinese immigrant, Mr. Joe Kum Yung, in Wellington, New Zealand in 1905

Maud Peacocke is likely:

Inez Isabel Maud Peacocke (1881–1973) was a New Zealand teacher, novelist and broadcaster. She was born in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand in 1881

(capsule biographies taken from Wikipedia)

This reverence for the murderer as social activist presages Ayn Rand’s obession with William Hickman, though due to both the nature of the crime and the murderer his praises are sung from a collectivist as opposed to Nietzschean perspective, what this says about the nature of the New Zealand psyche vs the American one we will leave to the reader to decide.


New Zealand Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 13307, 13 October 1906, Page 1

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With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand


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