The Land of the Gods.

The Land of the Gods.

Otago Witness , Issue 2725, 30 May 1906, Page 85

OW19060530.2.202-a1-700w-c32-283-264-1486-99 OW19060530.2.202-a2-243w-c32-752-464-485-33

OW19060530.2.202-a3-182w-c32-831-590-363-37 OW19060530.2.202-a4-457w-c32-130-642-914-6113 OW19060530.2.202-a5-437w-c32-1056-642-874-6103 OW19060530.2.202-a6-444w-c32-1968-226-888-3337——-100–1—-0dionysus–

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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