F-rays will end war forever!

Pacifist fever dream or the embryonic stirrings of mutually assured destruction, gestating deep in the new faith in science’s ability to solve man’s ills? Or was this simply clutching at any possibility of averting the upcoming war?


Star , Issue 10938, 29 November 1913, Page 1


TS19131129.2.2.1-a2-343w-c32-12-1270-685-3184 TS19131129.2.2.1-a3-324w-c32-50-4458-647-622 TS19131129.2.2.1-a4-323w-c32-51-5100-645-1000 TS19131129.2.2.1-a5-324w-c32-53-6116-647-1259 TS19131129.2.2.1-a6-326w-c32-48-7382-651-467 TS19131129.2.2.1-a7-321w-c32-729-1196-642-730



With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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