Aspects of Civic Religion – ANZAC Day 2015

Documentation of the the public ritual marking 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli.

There always feels like a sharp delineation at dawn services between the civil aspect, drawn  from a combination of military tradition and the final impulses of the western desire to recapture classical grandeur and the Christian aspect culled directly from church services.

Participants gather:
P1140019 P1140023 P1140027 P1140028 P1140030 P1140031 P1140032 P1140033 P1140034

During the service:P1140035 P1140036 P1140037

The crowd dissipates:

Organisation and media:


P1140058 P1140059 P1140060 P1140061 P1140062 P1140064 P1140065 P1140066 P1140067 P1140068 P1140069 P1140070 P1140074
Wreaths and offerings:
P1140080 P1140081 P1140075 P1140076 P1140078 P1140079 P1140086 P1140087 P1140088 P1140090 P1140093 P1140095

The programme:Anzac 1 Anzac 2 Anzac 3 Anzac 4

Unmentioned in the program but taking a similar amount of time to other parts of the service, was a poem read and composed by a local teacher commemorating the horses who served in the first world war.

Dunedin 2015.

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