The Situation of the Writer in New Zealand

Jane Mander author of ‘Story of a New Zealand River’ and Ngaio Marsh, famous crime novelist, on the cultural obstacles facing New Zealand writers in the 1930’s


Press, Volume LXX, Issue 21348, 15 December 1934, Page 19
CHP19341215.2.159-a1-306w-c32-165-244-611-266 CHP19341215.2.159-a2-331w-c32-143-582-661-45 CHP19341215.2.159-a3-361w-c32-103-675-722-3366 CHP19341215.2.159-a4-396w-c32-31-4051-792-4209



Press, Volume LXX, Issue 21354, 22 December 1934, Page 17

CHP19341222.2.132-a1-353w-c32-1603-259-705-53 CHP19341222.2.132-a2-354w-c32-1604-349-708-1633 CHP19341222.2.132-a3-357w-c32-1598-1990-713-800 CHP19341222.2.132-a4-358w-c32-1588-2823-716-2092CHP19341222.2.132-a5-359w-c32-1587-4952-718-1274CHP19341222.2.132-a6-360w-c32-1582-6229-719-757——-100–201—-0psychic+monster–

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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