Curse work on Germany, 1916

Unconscious/semi-conscious curse working on Germany from the pages of the
Taranaki Daily News.

Some Great sympathetic magic here; when will they fall? when the clock strikes. How will they fall? like over ripe fruit. Through narrative causality their strength is the sign of their imminent undoing. The fruits of their civilisation are a lie, obliquely mirrored in two leaders, Bismark the inescapable manifestation of the ur German, the guiding hand of national destiny despite the efforts of poets, artists and thinkers, and William, embodying simultaneous paradoxes, with the worse always victorious.

half an athlete, half a cripple, half a genuis, half a homicidal maniac. A diseased sepulchre for a soul, a monster spewed from the dark ages to curse the twentieth century

Peppered throughout are some nice flourishes that demonstrate the will behind the working. The alliteration of:

foul feeders, deep drinkers, dull of brain, heavy of hand, coarse, common and cruel

The marking of Germany as “the Master Devil” a title befitting a villain so single mindedly evil that its downfall is all but ordained,  something conjured up to be a wrestling heel or enemy of Godzilla, and this appellation is backed up by tales of turpitude demonstrating their validity.

he would go to  royal kinsman’s death chamber and steal from dying lips the secrets of the great

It ends with both the case for the war and the implication the curse is already in effect and its fulfilment is at hand

Germany became the colossus of the world, and might have been its master ere the sands ran out had honesty and righteousness been the national watchwords instead of trickery and brute force. The whole Germanic life has been a hideous lie for two generations. They were within an ace of world mastery by virtue of their industry, organisation, and will power and brain force. They have thrown it all to the dogs. The Gods have cursed them. They will fall when the clock strikes.



With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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