Maori Prophet and Temple

Tūhoe prophet, Rua Kēnana Hepetipa, and his temple, 1908.


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4 Responses to Maori Prophet and Temple

  1. Paul Janman says:

    Thanks for your your mysterious posts. We have some new takes on NZ wars and psycho geography if you’re interested. big event on the 10th:

  2. longwhitekid says:

    It’s possible this building is a former international exhibition building, re-purposed.

    • esotericnz says:

      My understanding is that it was an attempt to recreate the Temple Mount? based on the misapprehension that the later Dome of the Rock was Solomon’s Temple. This of course doesn’t preclude it being a re-purposed international exhibition building, and I’d be delighted to learn this was the case.

      Maori religious movements making explicit the unspoken potency of aspects of pakeha civic religion is fascinating, such as the use of playing card iconography on Rua’s temple, or the Pai Mārire incorporation of British military drill and the mast as ritual focus into their practice. The way international exhibitions functioned within pakeha society makes them a good candidate for this.

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