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House of Dreams

HOUSE OF DREAMS. NEW ZEALAND HERALD, VOLUME LXVII, ISSUE 20484, 8 FEBRUARY 1930, SUPPLEMENT With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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Omens of Succession

Another tale from John Wilson’s ‘Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of Dunedin and South Otago‘. The Nicols, father and son. took a contract to build a bridge and an accommodation house at the Mataura River. Not having seen the place, they had to trust to the … Continue reading

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Mirror Magic in the NZ Herald

MIRROR MAGIC. New Zealand Herald, Volume LXI, Issue 18825, 27 September 1924, Page 6——-10–1—-0aphrodite+goddess–

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Daughter of the Dawn: New Zealand Pulp Fiction 1903

A THRILLING NEW ZEALAND STORY. Star , Issue 76, 17 February 1903, Page 4——-100–1—-0cursed+goddess–     With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand  

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An Amazing Fairy Tale From 1892

New Zealand’s literary output, especially in the 19th century is (largely justifiably) considered to be of little importance (outside of some examples of Utopian scientific romances) and poor quality, which is why the discovery of this overlooked tale commissioned for the Otago witness was such a pleasant surprise,  coming as it … Continue reading

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Masonic ritual applied to Scouting, the Empire Sentinels Handbook and Ritual 1918

In New Zealand, another Boer war veteran and friend of B-P named Major David Cossgrove (probably not a Freemason) started something for older boys called the “Empire Sentinels.”  Sentinels were organized into “Towers” and the scheme had three degrees based … Continue reading

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Maori decorative art 1925

Born in Scotland, Robert Donn came to New Zealand in 1921. He was a landscape watercolourist, as well as an art instructor at Dunedin Technical College and Auckland Teachers College in 1925 he composed this talk on Maori art as decorative art, it serves as … Continue reading

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Maori Art Deco

from the September 1930 issue of Art in New Zealand

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Some Maori mystic symbolism

some Post-European examples of both the evolution of traditional/magical Maori symbolism as well as the adaptation of symbols of European origin to New Zealand. from Alan Taylor‘s wonderful “Maori folk art”

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