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The Old Gods

THE OLD GODS. Auckland Star, Volume LX, Issue 130, 4 June 1929, Page 6 http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=AS19290604.2.52&srpos=13&e=——-100–1—-0witch+goddess–

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The Noosing of the Sun-God

The Noosing of the Sun-God Jessie Mackay 1910 “Tiraha, Te Ra! I am Maui,— Maui, the bantling, the darling;— Maui, the fire-thief, the jester;— Maui, the world’s fisherman! Thou art the Sun-God, Te Ra of the flaming hair. Heretofore man … Continue reading

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Wizard in the “Gall of Satan”

From H. Beatties’ Traditions and Legends of the Natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) from the Journal of the Polynesian Society volume 28 No: 112 Merehau, a tohuka, who resided usually in the Port Molyneux district was living when the white settlers came. He … Continue reading

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Mokoia Island: Spirit and Place in New Zealand

AS ISLE OF GHOSTS. Otago Daily Times , Issue 15780, 3 June 1913, Page 3 http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=ODT19130603.2.7&srpos=16&e=——-100–1—-0occult+portent– with thanks to the National Library of New Zealand    

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Maori Art Deco

from the September 1930 issue of Art in New Zealand

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Maori Divination

Collected by Famed Local historian Herries Beattie in the 1920’s: An intelligent old Native said to me:—“When I was a boy I went on voyages and knocking about with White sailors I lost my belief in the ancient ideas of my … Continue reading

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Maraea Tu Te Maota: Maori Seeress

or more accurately Matakite. Maraea is an interesting figure who appears briefly in Tūhoe accounts of the 1865 battle of Te Tapiri. especially notable as the Medium for an Atua that originated from herself (to state a complicated situation clumsily). From Mana from Heaven: A Century of Maori Prophets … Continue reading

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A Hostile Spirit

One of the more dramatic encounters and one of the more vivid descriptions of an Atua (Māori Dictionary definition) we have discovered in our reasearches. This story was reprinted in several papers in a truncated form (some of which have better reproduction) but … Continue reading

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