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The Tattwa Tide Calculator

A Tattwa Tide Calculator, used to calculate the exact times that the astral tides are in flux and reflux, made by a member of Whare Ra. More information can be found HERE.

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A Whare Ra Manuscript

the Pentagram Ritual from http://www.esotericgoldendawn.com/tradition_wharera_pentagram.htm

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the Arts and Crafts movement and Occult social reform

We have from the Forerunner,  the magazine of the Havelock Work , post 1913 – after there transition into a magical order, a summation of the aims of the work especially through promotion of the values of the Arts and Crafts movement

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Elemental Offering

From “The Forerunner”, the magazine of the Havelock Work issue 18 (1914)

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An early Golden Dawn member

A brief biography of Elizabeth Spencer one of the first Golden Dawn Initiates in New Zealand. This information is taken from Standing in the Sunshine: A History Of New Zealand Women Since They Won The Vote by Sandra Coney 

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Some notes on the Whare Ra vault

Whare Ra was the name of the home of the New Zealand branch of the Order of the Stella Matutina, whose existance in New Zealand was an offshoot of the Golden Dawn brought to New Zealand by Richard and Harriet Felkin … Continue reading

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