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Joseph Ward, Penny Dreadfuls and Phallic Worship

A SECRET SOCIETY. NZ Truth , Issue 215, 7 August 1909, Page 7 http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=NZTR19090807.2.43&srpos=25&e=——-100–1—-2secret+brotherhood– Aldine Publishing Co., London, 1903. 1st Edition. TRUE BLUE LIBRARY. [Published Every Saturday]. ** 32 pages per issue. THE HUG OF THE BEAR plus 11 other … Continue reading

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A Cultural Transmission from Maori to Pakeha

SUPERSTITIOUS SETTLERS. New Zealand Herald, Volume LXI, Issue 18600, 7 January 1924, Page 8   This is similar to warnings about Tapu contributors to this blog received from inhabitants of Stewart Island in the 1990’s. With thanks to the National Library … Continue reading

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Asylum Organisation and the Psychology of Abuse

From the reliably sensationalist and strident NZ Truth, whether or not this is an accurate portrayal of the reality of the situation under the “cottage system” and whether the large institutions actually were significantly better (an even more doubtful proposition) … Continue reading

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The Waihola Ghost

The Waihola Ghost Bruce Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 2983, 5 August 1898, Page 5   http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=BH18980805.2.34&srpos=17&e=——-10–11—-0possessed+ghost– We can find no evidence of the existence of Mr. Zubwobski… though a Waihola cricketer of a century ago isn’t necessarily going to leave … Continue reading

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Sweedish Dragon Slaying Cult

In a return to obscure international news? culled from New Zealand papers, we present an account of a series of Swedish dragon slayings commented on by New Zealand Author Oswald E. Hugo. It may prove fruitful to compare this story … Continue reading

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Arthur Desmond and Might is Right (1890)

Might Is Right, or The Survival of the Fittest, is a book by pseudonymous author Ragnar Redbeard. First published in 1890, it heavily advocates amoral-ism, and psychological hedonism. In Might Is Right, Redbeard rejects conventional ideas of human and natural rights and argues that only strength or physical might can establish … Continue reading

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A missed opportunity: Classical place names lost

MAORI PLACE-NAMES. Auckland Star, Volume LV, Issue 75, 28 March 1924, Page 3 With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&cl=search&d=AS19240328.2.15&srpos=60&e=——-100–1—-0surveyor+styx–

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The Evil Eye in Otago

Taken from Tony Nolan’s the bad old days in New Zealand

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Spirits on fog shrouded hills

FAIRIES AND ELVES. Not all the supernatural beings of the olden Maoris were grim monsters or fierce goblins; the fairies and elves are in a different category. The hill near Palmerston South, known as Puketapu, is sometimes swathed with fog … Continue reading

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Early Thelema and A.’.A.’. in New Zealand: an appeal for information

After months of research into the existence of Thelema and A.’.A.’. ( respectively the religious framework and magical system devised by Aleister Crowley) in New Zealand before world war 2, we are going to present the (scant) information we have accumulated here with … Continue reading

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