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Joseph Taylor, Psycho-Radio-Cosmic, and the Militaristic Influence of Mars

Joseph Taylor was a Nelson businessman turned astrologist, who fancied himself the Clement Wragge of natural disasters. His specialty being the prediction of earthquakes buy the movement of the planets. unfortunately he lacked both Wragges scientific rigor and his accuracy, though the parallels of their interests and activities (including interest in the … Continue reading

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Clement Wragge and A.’.A.’. : an appeal for Analysis

a follow up to  Early Thelema and A.’.A.’. in New Zealand: an appeal for information . We have now obtained the memoirs of mr. wragge (such as still exist) and are posting here the section upon which the archaeopedia claims of him … Continue reading

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Early Thelema and A.’.A.’. in New Zealand: an appeal for information

After months of research into the existence of Thelema and A.’.A.’. ( respectively the religious framework and magical system devised by Aleister Crowley) in New Zealand before world war 2, we are going to present the (scant) information we have accumulated here with … Continue reading

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