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The last duel fought in New Zealand

The last duel fought in New Zealand occurred in 1935 in Auckland. We reccomend Donald kerr’s The Smell of Powder: A History of Dueling in New Zealand as a comprehensive guide to the Duels fought in this country (all of them … Continue reading

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Wonderful Rumours

Though our main task is noting and collating strange occurrences and beliefs arising in this country, sometimes a resource of deep potential for aiding the future creative endeavors of our countrymen makes it’s self known. Such is the case with the … Continue reading


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Robbed by a Spirit

An incident recorded in 1939’s Outside the Law in New Zealand  by Charles Belton. The    only New Zealand police memoir from before the 1980’s. It spans the length of the 1930s. Of interest is the note on page 175 that New Zealand Detectives … Continue reading

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An early Golden Dawn member

A brief biography of Elizabeth Spencer one of the first Golden Dawn Initiates in New Zealand. This information is taken from Standing in the Sunshine: A History Of New Zealand Women Since They Won The Vote by Sandra Coney 

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