Hero Worship


Otago Witness , Issue 2135, 24 January 1895, Page 46

OW18950124.2.178.2-a1-246w-c32-1187-4327-491-50 OW18950124.2.178.2-a2-440w-c32-993-4423-880-291 OW18950124.2.178.2-a3-440w-c32-992-4733-880-344 OW18950124.2.178.2-a4-440w-c32-995-5086-880-1658 OW18950124.2.178.2-a5-439w-c32-996-6749-877-81 OW18950124.2.178.2-a6-443w-c32-1916-193-885-381 OW18950124.2.178.2-a7-442w-c32-1919-577-883-297 OW18950124.2.178.2-a8-441w-c32-1922-878-881-1113OW18950124.2.178.2-a10-443w-c32-1918-2771-886-817OW18950124.2.178.2-a11-444w-c32-1918-3593-888-470


With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand

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